A photograph of Andre with his arm crossed, leaning against a green pillar, wearing a white linen shirt, with his hair in a bun smiling.
© katherine_mager


André is a writer of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction of British-French nationality raised in Devon. He is dyslexic with particular and variable difficulties in short term working memory, short term visual memory, phonological awareness, and processing speed.

He graduated from UEA’s BA English Literature with Creative Writing in 2022 and is currently completing the MSc Creative Writing (Fiction) at the University of Edinburgh.

His first publication, the prose poem After Noon, was translated into Spanish (Atardece) as part of the Masked Writers/Historias Desconfinadas project – a collaboration with the and published by Egg Box Publishing. His second publication, the short story For those Now Lost, was published in

His fiction writing focuses on the interconnection and interrelation of image, language, characters, the uncertain grey areas between forms – poetry, prose, and non-fiction, and themes of memory, loss, identity, and perspective. He is also facinated by the multidisciplinary-interdisciplinary ability of writing particularly in areas of philosophy, music, linguistics, and the natural world.

André enjoys mountaineering, running, baking baguettes and different types of loafs, reading – 19th-20th-21st century literature in particular, and playing acoustic guitar. He’s looking forward to getting back into drawing and art, and trying his hand at pottery and translation. He’s currently putting together a collection, a novel, and a creative non-fiction piece…